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Extracting domains

Please read the instructions above the box. The first line gives you the explanation of the buttons which appear under the box while checking domains.

Extract = 3 step procedure to filter out available (default) domains

Quick check = complete check of available domains in one step

Check metrics = Complete check of all domains in the box, like your own or your competitor's domains

To start checking for domain metrics you will need a text or a file containing domains in between of code / junk text which will be cleared in order to receive only native domain names. Please insert the text or open the file and click "Extract" if you want to continue with each step of the checking process or klick "Quick check", if you check in 1 step.

We recommend starting with the 3 step procedure to get familiar with all functions.







Please insert the text into the box by copy and paste and press "Extract"


Check availability

The domain names are now extracted and inside the box. Please klick the button "Check Availability".


Check metrics

Available domains are listed in green, unavailable in red. Unknown and not recognized domains are listed in yellow.

You also have to decide if you want just the metrics output for the domain name without "www." or also for the form with "www."

Please check a checkbox according to your wishes. By default the "Include www. in results" will be checked.

Choose unknown and not recognized domains for a re-check or to export

Now you are presented with 3 buttons. 

The "Domains not resolved" button will show the list of unknown and not recognized domains, where you could mark and export them. The button "Get metrics" offers to check results for the domains without the unknown ones and the button 'Check Unknown' again" allows too re-check the unknown or not recognized domains.

Sort domains acc. to metrics

You have now a box with domain metrics of the domains you have indicated above.

You can sort after Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), Domain Links (DL), Backlinks (BL), MOZRank (MR), Citation Flow (CF), Trust Flow (TF) and CF/TF ratio and choose the ones by clicking on the explicite row and than klick the Export Button for the next action.

At any time during the process you could re-check not recognized or unknown domains with the paid API as described above.


Export domains

By marking the domain you want to dig dipper and pressing the Extract Button you can copy the metrics or the domain names or extract metric results to .csv, .xml or .pdf.

The Majestic API included allows to check your domains for further Majestic metrics.

We list the CF/TF ratio which allows to filter out LOW QUALITY SPAMMY domains. Please make sure, the CF/TF ratio of the respective domain is near 1.8.  If it’s anywhere above it, don’t use the domain (read more).

For more metrics, like Topical Niche, GOV / EDU, Class subnets, please press the MajesticSEO button.

Additional Majestic Metrics

You also can check the Topical Trust of domains to ensure, it suits your preferred niche. Other additional parameters like EDU and GOV links, as well as referring IPs and Class C subnets are provided for each domain.

First mark the domains you wnat to have a closer look at and click the buttopn "Majestic" and another table will appear above where al the additional parameters and metrics are listed for each domain. If you hover over a colored topical trust box, you can see the specific categories of the respective niche.