Check Domain Metrics with the new version of DMT

Why paying monthly hundreds of $, when you can get it 10 times plus cheaper?

Check metrics, backlinks, anchors and referring domains of expired domains, your domains or your client’s domains from only one dashboard!

Check expired domains and exclude SPAMMY domains in one dashboard!



Flexibility at all levels: get DomainMetricsTool as stand-alone or combine it with Domain Scraper, everything is possible.

Get started now!

Majestic CF, TF and CF/TF ratio!

5k domain checks with Majestic included!

NO subscription to Majestic needed!

Important Majestic Metrics beside the basic domain metrics to check and quickly filter out SPAMMY domains!


Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), PageRank (PR), referring Domains (DL), backlinks (BL), MOZ Rank (MR), Citation Flow (CF), Trust Flow (TF), CF/TF ratio.

Bulk Domain Metrics Checker / Bulk Majestic Checker is very flexible.

After using the initial 10k of credits, you can continue by a $5 subscription for 10k Majestic credits monthly, purchase Majestic credits as you go, supply your Majestic API or use the tool for checking unlimited Domain Metrics and Availability in Bulk without Majestic.


More Majestic Metrics for each domain available!

Detailed Topical Trust Topics, External Backlinks, Referring Domains, .EDU and .GOV links count, Referring IPs, Class C subnets

Using the additional metrics ONLY for few domains you massively SAVE Majestic credits!


Domain Scraper Tool with multiple locations for efficient and fast scraping results!


Multiple Data Center, each with:

8 GB / 4 CPUs
80 GB SSD Disk
5 TB Transfer

New version of DMT is 20 times faster, checks now 500 TLDs (instead of 50), offers more accuracy and anhanced usability!  


Google PageRank and MOZ DA are gone!

Hello Majestic CF / TF trust ratio - an incredible way to exclude low quality, spammy domains!  

DomainMetricsTool - includes Majestic CF / TF metrics and CF TF ratio in the paid memberships for FREE and allows to check domains in bulk

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Was never as easy as with Domain Metrics Tool!

Understanding and monitoring domain metrics has now become the most important SEO Tool to filter out SPAMMY domains while using aged domains for link building or a Private Blog Network (PBN).

It was hard to make it so cool

Have you noticed that there is a lack of tools to use? Perhaps just a few. This is why we made Domain Metrics Tool - a tool that allows you to check domain metrics in bulk.

Scraping Domain Names from Any Text

Domain names can be extracted from any junk text or html code that most of tools like XENU provide as an output. Just insert your text into the box and define the parameters you want as results.

DMT Features

One For All
One Tool for ALL Functions

The process is unique and avoids working in multiple tools and windows from pasting your junk / html text till receiving the domain metrics.

One Window Process
Just One Window Open

The entire process works in just one window. All steps that had be performed before with several tools are gathered together in one tool which runs the entire process automatically giving you at the end the possibility to look-up or export the domain metrics.

Exciting Results
Most Important and Relevant Metrics

As end result we gather metrics like Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA), which are the most important criteria for choosing an expired domain. Based on those metrics we evaluate backlinks and referring domains, the PageRank (PR), even if it's not updated, as well as age of the domains.

Unique Tool Management
Satisfaction Is What You Are Getting

At the end of the process you have all important metrics in a table in rows which can be sorted according to your wishes. You can than copy the domains you want or export them to a file (.pdf, .csv, .xls).

Junk Text Extractor
Extracts Domain Names From Any Text

Extracts domain names from any text which contains the domain names names in a formate "". You can use from any scraping system, like Xenu, ScreamingFrog etcetera.

Emails List Extractor
Extracts Domain Name from email Lists

Whatever text you have containg emails, DMT will extract each and every domain name from such email lists or any text containing email addresses.

Domain Name Grabber
Grabs Domain Names From html

The Domain Name Grabber allows you to grab just the domain names from any html text or code, trimming subdomains to main domain, removing duplicates and converting all to lowercase.

Domain Names Collector
Collects Available Domain Names

The Domain Name Collector collects each available domain name and sends them automatically to the Domain Metrics Estimator for checking domain metrics of available domain names.

Introduction to the unique DomainMetricsTool 


Domain Metrics Tool

Just wanted to say hi and tell the world that this tool is by far the most advanced domain metrics tool that we have developed at Domaining LTD. It combines tasks and tools of more than 10 websites in one box, looks great and it feels that everything has been sorted out well and most recent SEO included, like checking for Majestic CF, TF and CF / TF ratio for a very low budget of just $5 per month for 10k Majestic credits to check 5k domains monthly.
You also can check the Majestic Topical Trust of domains to ensure, it suits your prefered niche. Other additional parameters like EDU and GOV links, as well as referring IPs and C-class subnets are provided for each domain. There is no other tool out there offering the same!
Not to forget the new Domains-Scraper to easy scrape for expired domain. The Scraper includes all TLD and ccTLD extensions and allows to exclude domain names with spam phrases, what makes your list of available domains spam-free.

Domaining LTD

Our Team

Chris Warneck
Chris Warneck

Chris is the Executive Marketing Manager of Domaining LTD and in charge for the entire portfolio for Domainer Tools.


Dachshund Max is the "Man of the Team" and has his nose all over and smells immediately when something is going wrong, so please contact him, even if you know what's going on!

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